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Built-In Fireplaces

Built-In Fires

Free from traditional restrictions, our solutions provide unlimited design options for builders, architects, interior designers and homeowners.

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Freestanding Fireplaces

Freestanding Fires

From classic wall features to see-through centrepieces, freestanding fireplaces are defined by its streamlined construction.

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Bioethanol Fuel

e-NRG Bioethanol

Fire up your bioethanol fire with the highest quality, cleanest burning bioethanol available.

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Best Sellers

  • ESF
    Stix Fire Pits by EcoSmart FireStix Fire Pits by EcoSmart Fire


    From $1,495.00

    A fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire, designed by acclaimed designer Hiroshi Tsunoda.

    • ESF
      Mix 850 Fire Pits by EcoSmart FireMix 850 Fire Pits by EcoSmart Fire

      Mix 850

      From $1,895.00

      Simple, elegantly shaped fire combining earthy materials and the element of fire.

      • ESF
        Mix 600 Fire Pits by EcoSmart FireMix 600 Fire Pits by EcoSmart Fire

        Mix 600

        From $995.00

        Uniquely different fire pit designed to be the centre of attention at every gathering.

        • ESF
          XL700 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart FireXL700 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart Fire


          From $2,995.00

          Sleek linear lines create a stretched flame for distinctive designs.

          • ESF
            Firebox 900SS Fireplace Inserts by EcoSmart FireFirebox 900SS Fireplace Inserts by EcoSmart Fire

            Firebox 900SS

            From $4,995.00

            The largest firebox that features a single BK Series burner.

            • ESF
              Flex 50PN Built-In Fires by EcoSmart Fire

              Flex 50PN

              From $5,995.00

              • ESF
                AB3 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart FireAB3 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart Fire


                From $745.00

                A small and popular powerhouse with a burn time of up to 11 hours.

                • ESF
                  AB8 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart FireAB8 Ethanol Burners by EcoSmart Fire


                  From $1,495.00

                  Compact round-shaped burner which generates a beautiful large-scale flame

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